The Mom Behind 'The Marketing Mompreneur'

Hi! I’m Shalona. Yes, you may be wondering “who the heck is she?” Well, I am a wife, mom of two, and a small business owner. As a mompreneur, my mission is to help female entrepreneurs excel by getting their content, products, and/or services in front of the “right audience”.

When you don’t have a strategy, promoting a new business is hard, right? Trust me . . . I get it! Many of us experience this in the beginning. It’s hard out here in these business streets!

Initially having very few sales and traffic is what pushed me to become a beast when it comes to being a marketing strategist.

I do this by creating profitable marketing strategies that generate traffic and skyrocket sales.📈 If you’re struggling to build your business, I have the perfect solution . . . Stick around and I’ll show you!