Congrats! Based on your responses you're the . . .

You’re on the verge of something great so I know you aren’t new to these visibility streets. 

Whether you’re posting somewhat consistently, hosting your own Facebook group and/or dishing out blog posts like they’re going out of style, you’re certainly on the radar. 

But let’s be real, you’ve got your ups and downs, right? You might be dealing with bursts of inspiration followed by periods of “meh.” 

Maybe you’re stuck in a “almost good enough” cycle. 

Like, you know you could do more, try new angles, but you’re already juggling a lot. So you wonder, “Am I doing this right? Is this even worth it?”

Here’s the tea . . .

You’re closer to crushing it than you might think. Your challenge? Staying the course and adding a sprinkle of innovation here and there.

The challenge? 

Consistency and possibly not sure what else you should be creating content and where to post that content in order to drive more targeted traffic to your website. 

The missing link between you and getting your business in front of more people is a visibility strategy, steady rhythm and possibly outsourcing some things.

And let’s address the elephant in the room—you may be wondering if what you’re doing is enough or even working. 

Well, you’re closer to being unstoppable than you think. Just imagine the kind of reach and engagement you’ll achieve when you’re firing on all cylinders.

So, ready to go from Elevated Boss Babe to can’t-ignore-her-even-if-you-tried status? 

Keep pushing those boundaries and the world will have no choice but to pay attention.

Wanna Amplify Your Visibility?

Start focusing on...

Standing Out

Get a better understanding of how you relate with your target audience . . . . Tell your story! Get really good at storytelling (in general). Really focus on being authentic and improve the know, like, & trust factor with your audience. Build a community of your raving fans.

Define Your Dream Customer

Gain better insight into your customers/audience so you can serve them better in your marketing efforts by identifying your ideal customer avatar (aka buyer persona). Determine who you serve and what they want – not what you want.

Set Goals & Create a Plan

Maximize your efforts by getting organized, making a plan, and prioritizing tasks based on your goals. For instance, do you need to make money like yesterday? Well, that means the things that are gonna generate income now are more of a priority than other tasks, so focus on those more.

When it comes to taping into "Take My Money Already!" buyers . . .

It’s hard to know where to start when you’re just looking to thrive as an entrepreneur but YOUR people aren’t there. 

Look, I get it!

I remember how it feels to post content, launch a new product or service and then hear nothing but . . . crickets.

It’s extremely frustrating when there’s not enough traffic or sales, and you’re left feeling discouraged after all the time and energy you’ve invested.

It wasn’t after applying the principles from the Hot Mess to Visibility Success Toolkit that I was able to prioritize, work toward achieving my goals and grow my audience. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar . . .

You want to grow your business but . . .

You don’t have any or enough traffic going to your offers.

You think you don’t have the kinda money you need to invest in yourself and your brand right now.

You work a full-time job and/or are a mom so it’s been tough putting in the time and energy it takes to start and grow your business.

Are you stuck in a particular stage of your business but not sure how to move foward?

Do you wish you had a way to get your business in front of more people but you’re not a marketing expert so you don’t know where to start?

Nice to Meet You

The Marketing Mompreneur

Hey girl hey! I’m Shalona London – your visibility strategist and new BFF. I help success-driven female entrepreneurs (yep . . . just like you) get their businesses in front of more people . . . YOUR kinda people. 

With the help of Hot Mess to Visibility Success Toolkit, both my clients and I have been able to:

What's Inside?

  • 30+ FREE Traffic Sources
  • The Traffic Accelerator Checklist
  • Mockups/Digital Product/Lead Magnet/Social Media Templates
  • Video Training
  • Cheatsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

So you wanna know how the “Hot Mess to Visibility Success Toolkit” is a game-changer in saving time, money and energy?

Streamlining: Forget the headache of figuring things out. This toolkit is your step-by-step BFF for boosting visibility.

Templates & Checklists: These are your quick-and-easy toolkit essentials. Why reinvent the wheel when you’ve got a cheat sheet?

Automation Magic: Yup, the toolkit has some automation tips up its sleeve to make your SEO, social posts, and emails run like clockwork.

Laser Focus: It’s easy to get lost in the chaos. The toolkit is like your roadmap, helping you zero in on what truly matters.

Learning in half the time: Imagine shaving months off your learning curve! You get the wisdom without all the time-consuming research.

Due to the nature of the content, we don’t offer refunds. Email us at hello@themarketingmomprepreneur.com should you have any questions and/or concerns.

  • 30+ FREE Traffic Sources
  • The Traffic Accelerator Checklist
  • Mockups/Digital Product/Lead Magnet/Social Media Templates
  • Video Training
  • Cheatsheet
  • Lead Magnet Savvy [bonus]
  • Market Research Savvy [bonus]

Once payment is received, the link to download it will be emailed to you within minutes.

Please feel to reach out to me anytime via email hello@themarketingmompreneur.com.