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Try Interact Quiz Maker in 2023: Is It REALLY worth it tho? [+ Video]

If you’re trying to decide if it’s worth it [or not] to try Interact quiz builder, then I’m here to tell you just how apprehensive I was at first [which is how you’re probably feeling] and why it’s now my go-to for growing my audience [aka lead generation], segmenting, and surveying. 

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t sure if it was worth it for me to pay for the Interact quiz maker in the beginning because I had just launched my new blog and I wasn’t familiar with using quizzes as a way to build a super targeted audience. 

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Interact Quiz Pricing

As you have probably already realized, running your own business comes with expenses. 

So as an entrepreneur, you have to determine which costs are necessary and which ones you can do without

Eventhough I’m usually tight with my coins [some of my friends would say I’m cheap . . . ha! 👀], I’ve paid for so many different memberships, services, and courses over the years so when it comes to my business I don’t mind paying for resources that are gonna help me reach my goals.

With that said, I don’t mind spending money in my business but it needs to make sense. 

Women who invest in their business go much further . . . much faster.

– Unknown

I was a little hesitant about signing up to TryInteract at first. Mainly because I didn’t want to pay for another service if it wasn’t gonna be worth it. 

Since I knew nothing about quizzes, I didn’t know where to start but I decided to go for it.

I started with the FREE 14-day trial so this way I could create a quiz and promote it and see if I could grow my email list without actually committing to the monthly fee of $29 bucks [you save more with the annual plan @ $17/month].

Well, it didn’t happen that way.🤦🏾‍♀️

But that’s ok because guess what?

Even though I actually ended up creating and launching my very first quiz after the FREE trial. I ran Facebook Ads to promote my quiz and got 55 new email subscribers within 7 days. 

Yay, me!

I got results! . . . Good results.

You might be like . . . “Well, 55 new email subscribers isn’t much”. 

But for me going from having no email subscribers to having 55 quality subscribers was super exciting. 

And did I mention the conversion rate was good [based on how I have my quiz setup].😜

Well, Why Should I Use a Quiz to Build My Audience, anyway?

Nowadays folks aren’t giving up their email addresses like they use to. I mean who wants to work hard on creating a PDF to then realize no one wants it.

. . . I know I don’t!

The bottom line is that using a quiz to grow your email list will be much more effective than offering a PDF. 

I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. . .  It’s a fact! 

Quizzes are much more effective and require more of a commitment from the leads. They’re . . .

  • Interactive 
  • Provide insight into your audience [which is great for segmenting]
  • It’s personal 

PDFs are . . . Not.

Depending on which one you choose, your audience, and what makes the most sense, PDFs aren’t as effective as quizzes and they require less commitment.

Why Try Interact Quiz?

The one main thing that I love, love, and love about the Interact quiz builder & membership is the training support and the community they provide. 

Some of the things that makes Interact Quiz maker my #1 choice is:

  • The platform is super easy to use 
  • You can personalize your quizzes to fit your brand
  • You have different quiz types to choose from [ie. Personality, Assessment, or Scored Quiz]
  • Quiz templates
  • Email sequence templates  
  • Plenty of ways to share and promote your quizzes
  • Analytics 
  • You have access to training and technical support 
  • Become part of a community of over 600+ members 
  • Can be accessed from your phone or desktop computer

My Experience with TryInteract Quiz

I remember attending my first training session and feeling so surprised at how personable it was. Jackie Aguglia was hosting a virtual training session [via Zoom] going over helpful tips for creating a quiz. I decided to hop on the session at the last minute [about 20 minutes are the session has started] just to see what she had to say. 

Shortly after logging in, she called on me directly to ask if I had any questions or if I was struggling with anything? I was shocked that she called on me by name. It was so funny to me at the time because I’m not used to getting individual attention in training a group training session [in general]. 

I thought that was really cool and it made me realize I actually needed to start taking advantage of the support and community that Try Interact Quiz offers. 

I then started logging into their community platform [The Quiz Collective by Interact] to read up on all things quiz-related within the community. 

It’s actually a really great platform! See the video below.👇🏾 

So not only do they offer weekly training sessions, you also have access to the previously recorded trainings, and you can get/give feedback on different topics. 

Not really sure how to design your quiz?

They provide over 100 different templates in different niches. You can create your quiz from scratch or use one of the templates.

If you’re not as creative and/or new to creating quizzes to grow your audience, then I would suggest using a template [at least for inspiration]. 

Wanna really learn how to create quizzes, write killer copy, and/or run FB ads?

No worries . . . They got you covered. 🙌🏾

Once you try Interact quiz you’ll get access to experts that would usually cost you big $$$$ but you get help [via loom recordings, posts within the community and group training sessions within the community] from them – which is included in the monthly/annual membership:

  • Quiz Expert [Chanti Zak]
  • FB/Instagram Ads & Funnels  [Ashleigh Chanel] 
  • Copywriting & Funnels [Dawn Petrin] 
  • Quiz Coach [Jackie Aguglia]
  • Community of 600+ members 

Since signing up with TryInteract, I’ve created I’m in the process of creating a quiz for each one of my businesses. 

The quiz I initially set up for my marketing business is still running and producing good results. 

So, how do you create a quiz using the Interact Quiz maker platform?

So, I’m not gonna lie, putting a quiz together [especially when you’re new at it] can take a lot of work because there are so many elements that are put together to make a really good quiz. 

Just to name a few . . .

  • You have to decide what’s the end goal
  • Determine the type of quiz best fit what you’re doing
  • What your quiz results will be
  • Write the copy for the result pages 
  • Create and design your quiz results pages
  • Create an email sequence[s]
  • Determine how you’re gonna promote your quiz 

Side Note: There are always updates within the Quiz Collective by Interact and they’re always adding more tools & resources.

I was so happy to hear Interact now offers a Quiz course and a checklist that’ll help you step-by-step when creating your quizzes.

TryInteract Quiz

How I was able to grow my email list from 0 to 400+ [and still counting]

Only 400 leads, you say?

Yes, ma’am!

Going from not having an audience to having over 400 of my ideal customer/clients may not sound like a lot to you but trust and believe . . .

It MOST definitely is. 

And I’m super excited about it. 

Mostly because it means that I’m moving in the right direction with my business helping female entrepreneurs that really need help with getting their stuff in front of more people. 

The support and community that TryInteract quiz provides have been an invaluable resource

I started off looking at the quiz templates because I wasn’t sure what questions or outcomes I should use. After looking over some of the posts from the community and from their blog, I soon discovered that personality quizzes are the most popular and the most fun.  

Mind you I had no experience with quizzes but I did have some previous knowledge of DISC personality profiles

So, even though you’re supposed to start creating a quiz with the quiz results. I actually did it the opposite way so it caused me to do a lil more work but it’s too bad. It just took a long time to get everything up and running.  

After I created my first quiz and designed the quiz results pages, I posted them in the Quiz Collective by Interact and received extremely helpful feedback. The experts gave me tips to help improve the performance of my quiz and my FB ads. 

The tools that you have access to are essential when you looking to maximize your efforts and be able to customize and assess the data. One of these features is segmenting.

Setting up the segmentation really helped me because I was able to use the information I collect with Interact when managing my email list with Convertkit.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering, I’ve been getting my quiz in front of my ideal audience by using:

  • FB/Instagram ads
  • Pinterest
  • Content marketing
  • Social media

TryInteract Quiz

Next Steps

With Interact Quiz Maker, there are so many resources at your fingertips. 

And they really want you to do well with your quizzes. All you have to do is ask and both the admin and the community will give you the help that you need. 

If you’re still on the fence then I highly suggest you sign up for the FREE 14-day trial and take FULL advantage of the support and community. You can create, launch and promote your quiz within those 14 days if you really want to see if it’s a good fit for you. Once you see how beneficial it is to be a part of the Try Interact Community, you’ll definitely wish you would’ve done it sooner.

Be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what’s your experience with using quizzes to grow your audience.

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