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6 Types of Blog Categories: Choose One That Will Set Your Blog Up For Success . . . In Less Time

When it comes to blogging, the possibilities are endless. You can blog about just about anything nowadays however if you are looking to make money from blogging you need to do some research and determine which of these 6 blog categories will work best for you.

For new bloggers, it can be hard trying to figure out which is the best option for your own personal blogging style and business plan. Many people start with a niche that interests them but eventually branch out into other topics as their interest matures on different subjects or expands after they have established themselves in one area of expertise.

Choosing the right category will help you find more targeted readership than if you were starting off completely fresh without any previous experience writing about anything specific at all. 

If you’re not sure what category your blog falls under or where to start, this blog post will help you figure it out.

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What is a catergory?

A blog can be organized by a specific type of category. Categories are used as a type of classifying system. They can be used to classify actual posts on your blog by topics or used to categorize a specified type of blog. 

If you have more than one category in mind, then it’s best to pick one that the majority of your posts fall into – or which is most relevant.

Also, try to remember it is important to identify what type of content you are posting and who the target audience is for that specific type of content when deciding on the type of blog category. 

6 Main Blog Categories to Choose From

Niche Blog

6 Types of Blog Categories - Niche Blog Category

The newest blog craze is niche blogs - mostly because how successful they can be. A niche blog basically focuses on just one specific topic (ex. gardening, parenting, fitness, credit repair, etc). Depending on the topic, it usually consists of visuals and will always focus its content around this specific subject matter. Be sure not to confuse a niche blog with a blog’s niche – they are are two different things.

Niche Blog Category Examples: Credit Take Off, You Grow Girl, Say it With A Sock

Teaching Blog

6 Types of Blog Categories - Teaching Blog Category

For bloggers looking to educate and empower audiences, this type of blog category is a great choice. Tutorials are the best way to do that! You can include detailed videos with lots of visuals for your readers.

Teaching Blog Category Examples: Mimi G Style

Journey Blog

6 Types of Blog Categories - Journey Blog

It may seem cliche but there is something about reading a blog written by someone who has been through what you are going. This type of blog will share your experiences while you’re going through a specific event or situation in your life (completing a goal, weight-loss journey, pregnancy, mom life). Consist of tutorials/"how to"' and "before & after" posts.

Journey Blog Category Examples: So Very Blessed, The Infertility Voice

Types of Blog Categories That Usually Take More Time To Establish

Lifestyle Blog

6 Types of Blog Categories - Lifestyle Blog Category

This type of blog is based on life events however it consists of a wide variety of topics – instead of just one specific event. You would be sharing your personal life experiences & will need to make a good connection with your target audience. This category is great for individuals that want to and prefer to be in front of the camera and don't mind sharing.

Lifestyle Blog Category Examples: The Creative Bite, A Relaxed Gal

Multi-Author Blog

6 Types of Blog Categories - Guest Blog Category

Also known as a guest blog. Bloggers that contribute to guest blogs are usually not the blogger themselves. This type of blog consists of a range from posts in different categories with some bloggers acting as contributors and others being active hosts on their own site, but it usually takes time for this sort of thing to grow into something strong enough to be worth investing your energy into building up more than just one or two recurring guests at any given time.

Multi-Author Blog Category Examples: Social Media Examiner

Curation Blog

6 Types of Blog Categories - Curation Blog

Curation blogs are perfect for someone who does not want to focus on just one topic. This type of blog has no limit, you can post about as many things that interest you as possible and the posts don’t have to be related either! You may find them useful if your interests include a wide variety of topics because it is difficult finding all those interesting articles with time consuming research in this fast paced world. The only downside would be posting frequently which takes up a lot more time than other types of blogging but most people wouldn't care much how often they posted since each article will seem new compared to regular ones seen around social media sites or websites everyday.

Curation Blog Category Examples: Brian’s Pickings, Peta Pixel, The Feature

Next Steps for Choosing the Right Type of Blog Categories

If you are trying to decide which blog categories are the best fit for you, I highly suggest you consider what your end goal is and how you want to build your blog. 

If you need help with narrowing your options down, please feel free to schedule a discovery call here

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