Types of Blogs That Make Money

17 [Tried and True] Types of Blogs That Make Money in 2023

If you are thinking about starting a successful blog, you’re probably wondering what are the types of blogs that make money, right?

Well, I got you! 

Keep in mind that not all blog types are treated equally. Generally, this just means you won’t make the same amount of money and/or get traffic all year long. For instance, the demand for self-improvement blogs and finance blogs isn’t gonna be the same.

That doesn’t mean either of those aren’t good niches, it simply means you need to do your research and make sure you choose a niche that is as profitable as you need it to be.

Here are 17 of the most popular types of blogs that make money: 

  • Lifestyle
  • Travel 
  • Fashion & Beauty 
  • Parenting/Family
  • Pet
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Sustainable Living/Frugal Living/Green Living
  • Survival 
  • Personal Development 
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Do-It-Yourself 
  • Money
  • Business
  • Food
  • Technology and Electronics
  • Gaming

Best Types of Blogs That Make Money

1 - Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Blogs_Types of Blogs That Make Money

A lifestyle blog means sharing different aspects of your personal experience and/or life events as well as making connections with others through shared interests (or lack thereof).

These blogs help you share your lifestyle and your story with the world and focus on a range of topics. This blog’s success depends less on your expertise with a particular niche subject and more about the relationship you cultivate with your followers. 

It might take a while for your lifestyle blog to start making money because unlike with niche blogs you’ll need to first find your targeted audience (also known as an avatar), connect with them and then work on building a relationship.

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If you’re looking to start a lifestyle blog, think about what image you want in the public eye and how you want to monetize it. 

Lifestyle bloggers usually share content inspired by their own personal interests. Sometimes they have interesting lives other people want to know about, sometimes they have jobs that people didn’t know existed. If you feel like you have a message to share with others, go for it! 

[ Lifestyle ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Color Me Courtney Hey Simply

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I’ve recommended – at no extra cost to you, of course. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can check out my disclosures here.

2 - Travel Blog

Travel Blog_World Map

Travel blogs are really popular, though the industry did take a hit in 2020 it’s coming back with a vengeance. People have been cooped up in their homes way longer than they should have been, and now they’re looking for a fun adventure someplace far far away. 

Think about it. What’s the first thing you would do? For many, that would be to google information about that destination for recommendations about the food to try, the places to visit, and the inside scoop that a traveler would otherwise miss. Here are some of the kinds of travel blogs out there: 

  • Women Travel
  • City Guides 
  • Traveling on a budget
  • Luxury Travel
  • Travel itineraries
  • Things to do and see
  • Local travel
  • Food in different countries
  • Remote work or online jobs to travel full time
  • Backpacking
  • Solo Travel 
  • Living Aboard 
  • Road Trips 
  • Camping 
  • Travel within the USA
  • Traveling with Kids 

Choosing which travel blog really depends on what content you’re interested in creating and your target audience. 

[ Travel ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Black Kids Do Travel Up in the Air Life

3 - Fashion and Beauty Blog

Fashion and Beauty Blogs

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is huge. But it’s not just the people making fashion products who make all the money. People go online all the time for tips and hacks on how to dress better, how to color coordinate, the latest fashion updates, and much more. 

The latest emphasis that social media has placed on always looking your best, and the way people want to present their best selves to the world now means that people care more about the way they dress now more than ever. This is why the fashion industry has hit it off, but it’s not just old-school fashion that’s making big bucks. 

Recent trends have shifted towards fashion is for everyone, and now it’s not just a market that caters only to women. This means that the makeup and fashion industry now has the attention of men and other genders as well, which is fueling its growth. 

Here are examples of fashion and beauty blogs: 

  • Fashion on a budget
  • Thrifting 
  • DIY fashion style tricks & hacks
  • Jewelry
  • Environmentally friendly fashion
  • Seasonal style
  • Fashion reviews
  • Latest style trends
  • Clothing for specific audiences (ie. plus size, tall, maternity, weddings, etc)
  • Makeup
  • Hair  
[ Fashion & Beauty ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Garner Style Cece Olisa

4 - Parenting or Family Blog

Parenting_Family Blogs

Being a mom isn’t easy, but thanks to the internet, moms all over the world now have each other’s support when it comes to navigating the tough questions and getting through the challenges of parenthood together. 

There are so many subcategories for this niche (ie. maternity, breastfeeding, etc)

You can set your own hours. As long as you’re consistent with the blog it works!

Parenting/Family blogs can be on:

  • Babies
  • Toddlers 
  • Teenagers
[ Parenting/Family ] Type Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Moms Need A Break Too  •  Scary Mommy

5 - Pet Blog

Pet Blogs

Almost 67% of all households in America own pets, which adds up to about 85 million families, according to a National Pet Owners survey. All those pet owners regularly go online for help and advice when something’s wrong with their pets. Be it what kind of food to give them, proper pet training, or even for advice on how to approach certain situations. What do you do when your cat has swallowed something they weren’t supposed to? Well, go online and ask Google, of course! 

Here is a list of subcategories for pet blogs: 

  • Pet training 
  • Traveling with your pet
  • Pet Adoption
  • A Specific Pet Breed 
  • Dealing with exotic animals
  • Nutrition
  • Farm Animals
  • Reptiles
  • Exotic Animals 

If a blogger is writing about exotic animals though, they’re most likely either someone who works in wildlife or someone who works with animals like them. It’s not always okay to keep wild or exotic animals as pets.

[ Pet ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples:

Pawsitively Intrepid Wilderness Cat Oh My Dog 

6 - Music Blog

Music Blogs

For music lovers all over the world, music blogs are the place to be. These come in all shapes and sizes. 

Music blogs topics:

  • Learn how to sing
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Popular music genres 
  • Musicians [new and established]
  • Trending music topics
[ Music ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

This Is RnBPitch ForkTwo Story Melody 

7 - Sports Blog

Sports Blogs

Sports blogs not only cover the world of professional sports, they also talk about how to go about playing sports. Many sports blogs also review sports equipment and make suggestions based on what people’s needs and their budget.

This a great way you can earn some serious bank with affiliate marketing. Just make sure you’re only suggesting products that you yourself trust. 

[Sports] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

The Sporting Blog  •  Women International Sports

8 - Sustainable Living/Frugal Living/Green Living Blogs

Sustainable Living Blogs

Sustainable and green living blogs are an emerging trend as many people want to live more environmentally in their everyday life. 

It just so happens many people are motivated to help the environment, but they aren’t sure where or how to start.

Sustainable and green living blogs are a little different than lifestyle blogs. These focus on topics like how to thrift, recycling, finding environmentally friendly brands and alternatives to the usual products you use.

They cover many subcategories. There is always a demand for these types of blogs so if this topic interests you then this is a great fit for you!

[Sustainable Living/Frugal Living/Green Living] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Green Citizen  •  Thrifty Frugal Mom

9 - Survival Blogs

Survival Blogs

What would you do if the worst happened? An explosion or flood in your own city, a hiking trip gone wrong. You want to know more about portable equipment that can save your life. Survival bloggers not only write about how to survive different situations like finding drinking water from various sources and what plants are safe for consumption – but also share tips on handy gadgets such as solar panels and terrain maps which could help people survive during an emergency situation!

Survival bloggers usually talk about different situations for both urban and wilderness life, like how to best use the tools available or what equipment is most important.

[ Survival ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

The Survival Blog •  The Survivalist BlogSHTF Plan

10 - Personal Development

Personal Development Blogs

The world is full of people who are trying to improve their lives in some way: whether through a dramatic lifestyle change, starting an entrepreneurial venture, or just learning new things. Personal development bloggers exist at both ends of the spectrum.

Though the world is full of strife, there are bloggers who share their stories and advice to help people with similar experiences.

Many personal blogs offer ways for those experiencing adversity or other struggles in life a helping hand through tough times.

Here are the most popular personal development blog types: 

  • Life coaching
  • Emotional awareness
  • Dating and relationships
  • Mindset
  • Happiness
  • Mental health
  • Inspiration/Self Help 
Four categories: Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Social
[ Personal Development ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

OkDaniHappier Human

11 - Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Blogs

There are countless people all over the world who want to eat healthily and live long happy lives. In fact, a survey by Optimum Nutrition in America published September 2020 showed that 62% of Americans are concerned about their health and 63% said they’re not as active as they’d like to be. Anyone writing about this topic has an audience with potentially millions of readers. 

Here are some of the topics health and fitness blogs cover: 

  • Healthy eating for specific groups [ie. children, pregnant moms, 
  • Niche workout and exercise plans (Bodybuilding, Yoga, Pilates, etc.)
  • Nutritional advice for specific groups 
  • How to do certain exercises
  • Mindfulness
  • Body positivity 
[ Health and Fitness ] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Keep It SimpElleRunGRL

12 - Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

D-I-Y Blogs

If you are one of those people who get a kick out of doing yourself, DIY blogs make your life easy. With this option at your fingertips, there is no need to be limited by what you can and cannot do.

The internet today has made it easier than ever before to find tutorials close by with just a click or tap away from anything involving household repairs and projects – so much that if I had not been told otherwise then I would have never guessed how useful they could really be!

Many DIY blogs write about things like: 

  • Sewing 
  • Woodwork
  • Home Renovation/Home Improvements
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gardening
  • Holiday decorations
  • Home Decor
[DIY] Type of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Damask Love  • Mimi G

13 - Money

Money Blogs_Types of Blogs That Make Money

Gone are the times when people would walk into a bank and have to rely on what they were told. Today, with all information freely available online at the touch of their fingertips, it has become easier for everyone’s understanding about money management decisions. Sites like Investopedia offer valuable advice that is not only informative but also interactive so you can actually see your financial situation in different scenarios–a feature many blogs lack!

Here are some of the topics financial blogs cover: 

  • Credit Repair 
  • How to Save Money [Reduce debt]
  • Budgeting
  • Personal Finance
  • Frugal spending 
  • Early Retirement
  • Investing
  • How to Make Money Online
    • Freelancing 
      • Writing, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Mgr, Graphic Designer
    •  Affiliate Marketing
    • Blogging 
[ Money ] Type Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Money Saving Moms • Credit Take Off

14 - Business

Business Blogs_Types of Blogs That Make Money

You’d think that being an entrepreneur would be a dream job. This is certainly true for the majority of people, but it also comes with its own set of challenges: deciding which type of business to start, making enough money to cover your expenses as well as pay yourself and others you might need on staff (which can include lawyers), dealing with setbacks or failures in difficult economic times among other things.

People don’t want to work for other people anymore so if they have their heart set on entrepreneurship it’s best not to dismiss these potential issues before diving into this new lifestyle head first and taking everything one step at a time!

Business blog topics:

  • How to Start an Online Business
  • Digital Marketing 
  • All other aspects on business 
[ Business ] Types of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

The Marketing Mompreneur  •  The Muse

15 - Food

Food Blogs_Types of Blogs That Make Money

What better way to learn about new cultures than through their cuisine? It seems like it’s the best of both worlds – you get food and culture all in one. Food blogs can help with any type of diet, from eating vegan for a month or losing weight by cutting out fast food.

Food is something that binds people together no matter who they are or where they live; there are many different types of diets around the world, some dedicated only to specific places while others focus on health concerns such as diabetes and obesity prevention. And then there are those bloggers whose main concern is traveling across countries just so that they experience every dish possible!

Here are some food blog categories: 

  • Recipes specific interests (ie. Keto, Maternity, Smoothies)
  • Baking recipes
  • Quick meals
  • Growing your own fruit and vegetables
  • Cheap/Affordable meals
  • Cooking without ________ (ie. )
  • Drink recipes
  • Restaurant reviews 
[ Food ] Types of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Grandbaby Cakes 

16 - Technology and Electronics

Tech Blogs_Types of Blogs That Make Money

Technology and Electronics blogs are the perfect way to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing industry! These blogs typically cover a wide variety of topics.

Man of Many •  Wirecutter

17 - Gaming

Gaming Blogs_Types of Blogs That Make Money

Gaming blogs are more popular now than ever, as people turn to gaming in times of great need. In 2020, the world went into lockdown and during this time there was a significant uptick in gamers looking for cheats and shortcuts online than any other year before it.

[ Gaming ] Types of Blogs That Make Money Examples: 

Wolf Gaming BlogThat Video Game Blog 

Top 5 Effective Ways Online Blogs Make Money

The more people who come to your blog, the more money you make. There are other factors like the number of people who spend money on your products and services or buy products based on your recommendations, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to get people to read your content. 

Here’s a rundown of the most popular ways blogs make money: 

  • Provide Value: Blogs that provide valuable content and the answers to important questions to their readership inarguably do better than those that don’t. If you give people valuable insight that’s of use to them, they’ll keep coming back for more great tips and resources. This is how so many blogs keep their readers coming back for more. 
  • Optimize Content for Search: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important ways in which blogs gather a readership. Think about it – how many times have you looked past the first page on Google to look for the content you wanted? Well, hardly anyone does, which is why there are countless blogs all vying for that same spot. If you have the SEO thing down, you’ll have a lot more success online. 
Why Is Content Marketing Important?
  • Write for Your Audience: Another priceless piece of advice you should keep in mind is to keep your readers in mind. Put yourself in their shoes, think about the things someone who was just beginning to look into your niche would want to learn about. A useful tip is to not only plan each individual article for your readers but also plan the whole website map based on what articles your visitors would jump from one article from another. Think about it like this – if you want to look at the different kinds of coffee and you find a general blog post about it, maybe next you’d like to learn about aged coffee. If you plan your content based on what your readers would want, they’ll stay on your blog longer. Not only is that amazing for SEO but it’s also great for building trust and credibility with your audience. 
  • Be Authentic: People can smell lies from miles away. If you’re not genuine with your readers, don’t practice what you preach, or aren’t genuine and sincere with your readers, that vibe will carry on into your writing. The last thing you want is to run your readers away because of that. 
  • Solve a Problem, Entertain, and/or Inspire: Most of your target audience is used to getting fast, easy answers. They don’t care for content that is hard to digest or content that doesn’t interest them or engage them in one way or another. People will stay on your blog as long as they know that they’re getting something out of it, be it good advice, the solution to a problem, or entertainment. 

The Most Beneficial Types of Content for a Money Making Blog

There are multiple types of content even when you put aside what topic it’s based on. They depend on what the “life” of the blog is or how long your blog stays in demand with your readership. Of course, a blog about Christmas is going to be more popular right before December, and a blog about weight loss will likely be more in demand right before summer. 

Evergreen Blogs

If you’re writing a blog about cooking, pets, or technology, people will look it up and ask for the information you have to offer throughout the year. But even the bloggers who are writing about topics with a regular readership throughout the year write about seasonal topics, like financial bloggers talking about taxes when tax time rolls around, and tech bloggers comparing the new and old iPhones as soon as a new one is released. 

Trending Topics 

If you’re into celebrity gossip, you know scandals and affairs become old news pretty quickly. Trending topics are super famous and in demand for a short time but eventually lose the buzz. A recent example would be the rumors of a romantic relationship between Zendeya and Tom Holland. 

Seasonal Blogs 

Seasonal blogs come into fashion at a certain time in the year. Christmas recipes, prime tourist destinations in the winters, and conversations about the best beaches in the area are all seasonal blogs that people would want to discuss but only for a certain time. 


How do bloggers make money?

Bloggers usually leverage the magnitude of their readership and the niche audience they have accumulated to sell stuff. They earn through a number of ways, but the most common of them are through the following:

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is basically when you make commissions from recommending products and services. How? When people click on affiliate links for products and services in your site they’re taken to the company’s website and become interested in purchasing or subscribing to their product or service. For every person who purchases through your link, the company will pay you a commission. Once they complete said transaction, you get paid. I definitely suggest you learn more about making money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing works well when you have built trust with your audience.

Selling a Product or Service

There are so many products and services that can be sold to make money blogging. There are digital products, physical products and/or services that can be offered to make money. 


If you want, you can allow other companies to promote their products and services on your site. This way you’ll get paid for how many people actually visit your blog. 


Many brands and companies are willing to sponsor a blogger’s content for an endorsement or a mention of them in the content itself. In exchange for sponsored posts, you can earn money and/or receive products from Brands.  

The world of blogging is still fresh, and there’s a lot of money to be made. Even though there is a great opportunity to make bank with blogging you always want to remember that it takes a lot of work and time to get it running accordingly. All you need to do is choose the right niche, develop a marketing strategy, and stick to it like glue! 

Next Steps

After taking a really good look at this list of all the types of blogs that make money, brainstorm and think about which niche you are interested in. From there, do some market research and determine what your options are. 

Until next time!

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